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Title Optimizing Asymmetries for Sustainability:A Case of Nava Jyoti Community Enterprise System in rural agricultural settings
Authors Amar KJR Nayak & Sashmi Nayak
Type Working Paper
Publication Date 1 November 2012
Year 2012
Abstract The context of the marginal and small farmers/producers in the Indian rural/tribal agricultural setting is highly complex. The complexities arise out of the various types of asymmetries in information, knowledge, skills, competences, resources, technologies, power, etc in the above settings. The industrial development model that has been pursued for long by the governments and the non governmental organizations in such realities has exhibited the growth paradox of high inequality. Both the present predominant theoretical underpinnings of firm growth models in the context of the reality of the small and marginal farmers/producers throw up great challenges towards developing sustainable community enterprise systems. The case of Nava Jyoti Community Enterprise System is a challenge to the existing theoretical arguments on sustainability as well as a demonstration of how to optimize the various institutional and organizational asymmetries to lead rural agricultural communities toward self reliant, food and nutritionally secured sustainable community systems.
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