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Title Institutional & Organizational Asymmetries: Small Producers and Sustainability of Rural Agricultural Communities
Authors Amar KJR Nayak
Type Working Paper
Publication Date 25 October 2012
Year 2012
Abstract This paper discusses the context of the small farmers/producers, historical analysis of institutional and organizational arrangement of the governments, theoretical limitations in institutional and organizational studies in the above context and based on an action research , the paper suggests a possible window for retrospection, policy formulation and replication. First, the paper delves on the context of the small farmers/producers, in terms of their asymmetric disadvantages in resource base, capability base and traditional institution base in relation to those in the current market economic system. Second, it analyses the deficiencies in the institutional and organizational arrangements of the governments that could make small farmers/producers and their communities sustainable. Third, it highlights the conceptual gaps and theoretical challenges in guiding state policy on appropriate institutional arrangements and in explaining appropriate design of community organizations/enterprises. Fourth , based on the empirical observations and experiences of an action research on the subject, the paper proposes a single development prism including the organizational design and institutional arrangement for sustainability of the small farmers/producers and the rural agricultural communities.
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