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Title Community Forest Management in Odisha: Macro and Micro Views
Authors Banikanta Mishra, Birendra Kumar Nayak
Type Working Paper
Publication Date 28-Sep-2012
Year 2012
Abstract This paper analyzes the effect of the government’s JFM (Joint Forest Management) program on community-forest-management (CFM) in three districts of Odisha: Dhenkanal and Anugul (industrial districts) and Nayagarh (non-industrial district). JFM is an initiative whereby both the state government and the local communities are supposed to jointly work towards protecting the forest in the community. This movement is said to be quite strong in Odisha, an agriculture-dependent-state with a huge tribal population. The process of and the attitude towards forest management in Odisha perhaps has undergone a significant change due to the industrialization in the recent two decades, which has, among other things, led to diversion of forest land towards mining and other industrial activities.
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