Inhouse Developed Software Products and Solutions

Academic ERP Software Solution (H I B I S C U S)

XIMB achieves another milestone in the software development by proper guidance of eminent personality Prof. Gopal K Nayak. HIBISCUS is a software solution which is design by keeping in mind of various activities of Academic Institutions / Business Organizations / Entrepreneurers / NGO's  etc.

HIBISCUS is a total software solution integration of Academic Information System, Library Information System, Accounting Information System, Human Resource Management System, Inventory Management System, Payroll System, Leave Accounting System, File Management System, Office Automation System etc.

HIBISCUS is totally web based application software where people can work through intranet or internet.

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Academic Information System (AIS)

AIS is a software solution which helps to automate academic administration and knowledge management within academic institutions. AIS includes sophisticated tools that streamline processes, enhance academic development, and provide integrated solution to academic development. Today's higher education institutions are under unprecedented pressure - to serve the needs of students and employees address demands for educational reform, trim budgets in the face of decreasing funding, and increase grant revenues. AIS provides benefits for every member of the academic community in the institution - the academic office, the students, the faculty and the management.

Project Accounting and Monitoring Information System (PAMIS)

Today, Non Governmental Organization face unprecedented pressure. And they are under increasing financial scrutiny. Tracking financial planning and monitoring within your organization is no longer a matter of choice - It's a matter of survival.

NGO's are project organizations. They are involved in implementing several projects being funded by Government and Funding agencies. Successful project implementation requires impeccable planning, progress monitoring and strong financial discipline.

PAMIS integrates Financial Planning and Control with the Project Planning and Monitoring techniques. PAMIS is designed to deliver accurate, up-to-the-minute, organization-wide and project-wise data you require. PAMIS enables you to improve financial planning and forecasting, project planning and monitoring and be effective in achieving developmental objectives.

Examination On-Line (EOL)

In any educational institutions, apart from teaching, performance assessment and evaluation is one of the major challenges. Learning is enhanced through timely and frequent feedback. Most teachers would find the Performance Evaluation tedious and monotonous.

EOL is a solution for the performance evaluation woes of the teachers and students. This web based tool gives complete control to the teacher to build his question bank, design quizzes and examinations and administer the quiz over the Internet and publish results. 

Internet Survey (iSurvey)

Conducting Surveys is a common requirement in many disciplines such as Business Management, Psychology, Sociology etc. The manual method of questionnaire design, administration, data collection and compilation is a very tedious process. iSurvey is a web based solution to conduct surveys. The process of designing and administering the survey is greatly simplified when you use iSurvey. The data collected can be exported to SPSS or a Spreadsheet for further analysis.


We are pleased to announce the release of Paymaster Package software solution. This paymaster package designed to manage all aspects of payroll system in an organization. Paymaster is easy to use and install with a minimal system requirements.

As an employer, trustee, or payer of other amounts, you are responsible for making allowances and deductions from amounts paid to employees, sending them to reporting on the applicable slips. Different forms and reports are designed in Paymaster to facilitate the entire payroll activities effectively. 

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