In-Company Programmes 2014...

Programme   Organisation   Dates Programme  Coordinator 
Basic Management Skills  Brahmani River Pellets Ltd.  15th – 20th December, 2014  Prof. Niraj Kumar
Leadership Competency and Time Management  Navodaya Vidyalaya Samiti 
 (NVS), GoI
 15th – 19th December, 2014  Prof. Suchitra Pal
Strategic HR: Aligning Workforce Strategies with Business Strategies  POWERGRID  10th – 12th December, 2014  Prof. S.S. Ganesh
Essentials of Accounting & VAT  Commercial Taxes Deptt.,
 Govt. of Odisha
 24th – 29th November, 2014  Prof. Asit R. Mohanty & Prof. P.K.
Strategic Human Resource Management  POWERGRID  3rd – 5th November, 2014  Prof. S.S. Ganesh
Impact of JNNURM on Infrastructure & Governance in Odisha  TISS-XIMB  30th October, 2014  Prof. Kajri Misra
National Workshop on Building Institutional Capacity for Mainstreaming Human Development  UNDP  29th – 30th October, 2014  Prof. S. Peppin & Prof. B.S. Misra
Leadership and Team Building  NABARD  27th – 31st October, 2014  Prof. Andrew Dutta
Behavioural Competence and Leadership
 Deptt., Govt. of Odisha  1st November, 2014  Prof. Sasmit Patra
Book Exposition on Livelihoods  MANTHAN  7th October, 2014  Prof. Shambu Prasad
Behavioural Competence and Leadership  Commercial Taxes Deptt.,
 Govt. of Odisha
 15th – 20th September,  2014  Prof. Asit R. Mohanty & Prof.
 Sasmit Patra
Effective Managerial Skill  OTDC, Govt. of Odisha  10th – 12th September, 2014  Prof. Andrew Dutta
Mid Career Program – VI  OFS, Govt. of Odisha  1st – 13th September, 2014  Prof. Asit R. Mohanty & Prof. B.P.  Mishra
Safeguarding Commons For The Next Generation  Seva Mandir, Jodhpur  26th August, 2014  Prof. Kajri Misra
Monitoring and Evaluation Practices in Gender Development Projects  Oxfam India and CoE South
 22nd August, 2014  Prof. S. Peppin
Essentials of Accounting & VAT  Commercial Taxes Deptt., Govt.  of  Odisha  18th – 23rd August, 2014  Prof. Asit R. Mohanty & Prof. P.K.
Developing Managerial Skills  Dept. of Tourism & Culture,
 Govt. of Odisha
 18th – 22nd August, 2014  Prof. Andrew Dutta
National Symposium on “Women Empowerment through Dairying”  National Dairy Development
 Board (NDDB), Anand
 7th – 8th August, 2014  Prof. S. Peppin
The Art of Interacting with Print & Electronic Media  IFS Officers, Ministry of
 Environment & Forests,
 Government of India
 4th – 8th August, 2014  Prof. Niraj Kumar
Behavioural Competence and Leadership
 Commercial Taxes Deptt.,
 Govt. of Odisha
 21st – 26th July, 2014  Prof. Asit R. Mohanty & Prof.
 Sasmit Patra
Conference on “Addressing Persistent Child Undernutrition in Odisha Feasibility and Prospects”  DHAN Foundation  17th – 18th July, 2014  Prof. S. Peppin
Discourse and Text Analysis  FDP, XIMB  5th – 6th July, 2014  Prof. Sandip Anand
Understanding Human Development: Concepts & Measurements and Procurement of Services  GoI-UNDP (HDBI)  25th – 27th June, 2014  Prof. B.S. Misra & Prof. S. Peppin
Essentials of Accounting & VAT
 Commercial Taxes Deptt.,
 Govt. of Odisha
 23rd – 28th June, 2014  Prof. Asit R. Mohanty & Prof. P.K. 
SRI Odisha Learning Alliance - Sharing Experiences  Manthan  14th June, 2014  Prof. C. Shambu Prasad
Supportive Supervision for the new Supportive Supervisors  GFATM, XIMB  11th – 13th June, 2014  Prof. S. Peppin
Effective Management   Competencies  Feedback Energy  Distribution  Co.  Ltd.  (FEDCO)  9th June, 2014  Prof. Andrew Dutta
Workshop on Financial Capability - Closing the gap between Financial Inclusion and Impact  GIZ & XIMB  20th May, 2014  Prof. D.V. Ramana
Essentials of Behavioural Management  Commercial Taxes Deptt., 
 Govt.  of Odisha
19th – 24th May, 2014  Prof. Asit R. Mohanty & Prof.
 Sasmit Patra
Training of Master Trainers & Supportive Supervisors on Counseling plus -Training Pedagogy
 GFATM, XIMB  15th – 18th May, 2014  Prof. S. Peppin
Round Table Seminar on CSR  NFI, IICA, XIMB  5th May, 2014  Prof. S. Peppin
Effective Management Skills
 Brahmani River Pellets Ltd.  28th April – 2nd May, 2014  Prof. Niraj Kumar & Prof. W.S.  William
Project Management  ICZMP, Govt. of Odisha  25th April, 2014  Prof. Niraj Kumar, Prof. W.S.
 William & Prof. S.K. Bishwal
Effective Management Skills  Brahmani River Pellets Ltd.  14th – 16th, 2014  Prof. Niraj Kumar & Prof. W.S.
Professionalizing Planning, Public Systems Management and Local Governance: Meeting Domain Needs with High – Quality Programs  HUD Deptt., Govt. of Odisha  9th – 10th, 2014  Prof. Kajri Misra
Workshop on MANTHAN - Online Livelihoods Repository  MANTHAN  21st March, 2014 Prof. S.K Dash 
State Consultation on Prevention of Child Marriage in Odisha   UNICEF and OSCPCR  13th - 14th March, 2014  Mr. LD Swain  
Leadership & Team Building   Reserve Bank of India   24th - 28th February, 2014 Prof. Asit Ranjan Mohanty 
Leadership & Team Competencies  PE dept., Govt. of Odisha   17th - 19th February, 2014 Prof. Dipak Misra and Prof. Suchitra Pal   
Corporate Social Responsibility    NTPC   10th February, 2014 Prof. Dipak Misra   
Marketing Orientation    Public Enterprises dept, Govt. of  Odisha  29th - 31st January, 2014 Prof. Krishna Dasgupta  
Effective Presentation & Communication Skills    Public Enterprises dept, 
 Govt. of  Odisha 
 14th - 15th January, 2014 Prof. Ibha Kumar  
Essentials of Behavioral Management   Comercial Taxes Dept.,
 Govt. of  Odisha
 6th - 11th January, 2014  Prof. Asit Mohanty & Prof. Sasmit Patra
Skill Development for Effective Change Management    PHEO dept., Govt. of Odisha  2nd - 4th January, 2014 Mr. L.D Swain 

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