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Case Studies (Garson, n.d.)

Introduction to Case Study (Tellis, 1997)

On the Case: An Introduction to Case Study Research (Cousin & Jenkins, n.d.)

Case Study Research Methods for Firm and Market Research (Westgren & Zering, 1998)

Five Misunderstandings about Case-Study Research (Flyvbjerg, 2004)

The Use of Qualitative Content Analysis in Case Study Research (Kohlbacher, 2005)

Design and control issues in qualitative case study research (Lloyd-Jones, 2003)

Research is a Messy Process: A Case-Study of a Figurational Sociology Approach to Conventional Issues in Social Science Research Methods (Bloyce, 2004)

Case Study, Case Records and Multimedia (Walker, n.d.)

Why Study Peoples Stories? The Dialogical Ethics of Narrative Analysis (Frank, 2002)

Issues in Multi-Method Research: Constructing Self-Care (Meetoo & Temple, 2003)

The Evolution of Theory: A Case Study (Carlson, Engebretson, & Chamberlain, 2005)

Qualitative Research: Case study evaluation (Keen & Packwood, 1995)

Bias in Social Research (Hammersley & Gomm, 1997) (a response by Romm, 1997) (authors' response to Romm) (a proposal by Temple, 1997)

Cases and Case Studies in Comparative Research


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