Research Centers

Centre of Excellence in Fiscal Policy & Taxation (CEFT):

The Govt. of Odisha has established a Centre of Excellence in Fiscal Policy and Taxation (CEFT) in collaboration with Xavier University for a period of five years. The center will be first point of policy research in tune with the objectives of Fiscal Responsibility and Budget Management (FRBM) Act.

Prof. Asit Ranjan Mohanty has been nominated as the Chair Professor of the Centre of Excellence in Fiscal Policy and Taxation (CEFT).

This centre will be governed by a Governing Body chaired by the Additional Chief Secretary to Government (Finance), which will guide and mentor its working policies and provide the finance.

Centre for Case Research:

Centre for Case Research focuses on contextual research in the area of business management and social sciences. The centre engages in case based research (CBR) and intends to develop CBR as a distinct methodology of research. The centre welcomes all researchers, institutions, corporations, and organizations interested in case research for collaborative research with the centre. More..

Centre for Entrepreneurship, XIMB:

As India's economy continues to boom and becomes ever more competitive in the world markets, there is a need in the region for creating a venue that supports entrepreneurial activities. XIMB, with its pre-eminent position in India is well positioned to take a leadership role in this venture. Centre for Entrepreneurship at XIMB allows us a multitude of opportunities in this regard.

Utility Regulation Research Centre (URRC):

The Utility Regulation Research Centre (URRC) is a multidisciplinary research centre with participation from academicians and practitioners working in accounting, economics, finance and law. Initially the centre would focus on the electricity sector and then move on to the other sectors. More..


Centre for Resettlement, Rehabilitation and Corporate Social Responsibility (CRRCSR):

One of the main objectives of CRRCSR is to enhance the knowledge base and skills on management of R&R and CSR projects through education and research and disseminate the same by means of training and consultancy activities.

It is aimed that such an initiative would enhance the ability of proponents of various development projects to manage more effectively, their R&R and CSR activities.

The Centre aims to play a crucial role with the Government, Corporate sector and people of the State to enhance the basic knowledge and skills for good governance in Displacement, R&R and CSR. More..


Incubation Centre

The social venture incubator at XIMB intends to accelerate the successful development of social ventures through an array of business support resources and services.

The incubator defines a social venture as a venture which focuses on achieving social change. It may or may not be a for-profit venture.