Action Research

(A) Sustainable Community Enterprise System

Optimizing Asymmetries for Sustainability

The concept of the action tries to resolve and optimize the inherent asymmetries for sustainability of the enterprise system in a rural agricultural setting in developing country context.

The action is based on the assumptions that
(a) the traditional firms are asymmetry generating entities and are at the core of un-sustainability of the society,
(b) Since the sum total of inherent asymmetries in the real world conditions will remain to be greater than zero, our models for sustainability are bounded by optimal solutions and not ideal solutions, and
(c) For an enterprise system to be sustainable, the enterprise needs to be designed with simultaneous optimal positions on all the asymmetry generating variables and
(d) Sustainability can be best ensured by ensuring the sustainability of the weakest person(s) in a local ecological system. 

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(B) Xavier Vending Zone

Xavier Vending Zone is a zone with a difference.  It is different because it has evolved over a period with a participation from the small local vendors, the local management institute i.e Xavier Institute of Management and the local public representative.

The vendors in the zone deal with several goods and services required by the people in the neighbourhood. The customers of the vending zone include students, academician, researchers, construction workers, and other visitors to the locality.

The zone is strategically located on the main road which connects  to various organisations like: XIMB, Loyola School, NISWASS, Women' Polytechnic College, Gopabandhu Institute etc.

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