Placement Cell

is the key motion in any B-School, which add culture and values to the Institute. XIMB's placement brochure keenly designed according to the afore seen site of the corporate world.

India is changing. With rapid consumerism and rising urban per capita income, the divide between the rural and urban India has widened. It is perhaps at this critical juncture that the students of PGDM and PGDM-RM  would prove to be the bond-uniting the divide. It is precisely the reason which has attracted large numbers of recruiters to the XIMB campus.

We, at XIMB, are extremely proud of the commitment and dedication exemplified by the students. Their concern for the corporate world and industry experience has been highly appreciated across India and beyond. This coupled with world class facility, excellent infrastructure and continually upgrade and relevant course content, ensures that our students are best suited for undertaking challenging assignments and accomplishing them successfully.

XIMB welcome all, to experience the academic environment of the institute as well as the competence our students have and recruit them not only as human resource  but rather as "human capital" and "change agents".