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offers an extraordinary environment for its students. Each year 360 students enroll for the MBA-BM programme. Staff, faculty and students share an intimate relationship. The diversity and rich mix of experience, background and culture, coupled with shared traits of talent and high aspiration, produces an inspirational vitality and enriches learning inside and outside the classroom.

High degree of interaction among the faculty, students and corporate visitors is a way of life. Life at XIMB is competitive, co-operative, friendly, helpful, impressive and stimulating. As members of this community, students forge deep and lasting friendships during their stay here. The quality of life as well as learning is enhanced in the company of such energetic, ambitious, interesting and committed people.

The Institute has a rigorous screening procedure for admitting students. Hence, our students are drawn from prestigious institutes and a variety of backgrounds. A large section of the students have over one year experience with blue chip companies. Our students are completely focused on learning through the classrooms, group projects, encouraging each other, debating each other, providing each other a stable intellectual context and social network.

The students have shown their zeal to learn beyond the class room and entrepreneurial streak by managing associations and event. The Institute has 5 active student managed associations, each of which organises seminars, guest lectures, management games, quizzes and other events dealing with its specific functional area.

Student Societies are:

  • MAXIM: The Marketing Association
  • X-FIN: The Finance Association
  • X-OPS: The Operations Association
  • ILLUMINATIX: Media and PR
  • SRC: Social Responsibility Cell 


Apart from this, the students organise "Xpressions" the annual inter-B-school meet which enjoys participation from top corporate and B-Schools.