Accounting and Finance

Asit Ranjan Mohanty
M.Phil (Eco), JNU, Fellow UGC, CAIIB, 
PhD (Utkal) 
Dip in Risk Management (IIBF) 
Accounting and Finance
Starting his career in  IDBI,  Prof. Mohanty has worked in Commercial Banks in Senior Management                               positions in their Risk 
Management Departments.

Banikanta Mishra
MA (Delhi School of Economics) 
PhD (Stern School, New York Univ., USA) 
Accounting and Finance
Professor Mishra taught 1984-1991 at New York University, University of Florida, and Emory University in USA before joining XIMB

Bishnu Prasad Mishra 
M.A (Eco), DSE, PhD (Utkal Univ.) CAIIB 
Accounting & Finance and Rural Management

Dr. Bishnu Prasad Mishra started his professional career with State Bank of India, after graduating from the Delhi School of Economics, Delhi. 

D.V. Ramana 
MCom, MPhil, PhD (Utkal Univ.) 
Accounting and Finance
Dr. Ramana is a member of Public Enterprise Review Committee (Orissa). He is a member of the Zonal Advisory Committee of the LIC, and a Director of IDCOL. 

P.K. Mohanty
MCom, MBA, PhD (Sambalpur University) Accounting & Finance
Prof. Mohanty has served many organisations at senior executive level and possesses many years of corporate experience. He was also a Consultant to BSNL for a period of 3 years.                                          

Shridhar Kumar Dash
MA (Economics) PhD (Finance) (IGIDR) Accounting & Finance
Dr. Dash has over 19 years of experience in research and corporate sector. Before joining XIMB he was Vice President and Head of Risk and Information Management at Reliance Retail – Membership, Finance and Travel Services. 

Soumya Guha Deb
BCE (Hons) (JU), PGDBM (IIM-Calcutta)
Fellow (IIM-Calcutta) Accounting and Finance
Prof. Guha Deb’s teaching interests are in the areas of Corporate Finance, Mutual Funds, Portfolio Management, Derivatives, Fixed Income Markets and International Finance.

Subha Kant Padhi
FCA (ICAI), DISA (ISA), PhD (Utkal) Accounting and Finance
Before joining XIMB, Professor Padhi practiced as a Chartered Accountant for about 10 years and has been a consultant to many Indian and Oversees Companies. 


Biresh K. Sahoo 
MA (Eco), MPhil (Eco) (Univ. of Hyderabad, India); PhD (IIT Kharagpur, India); JSPS Fellow (GRIPS, Tokyo, Japan); Lise Meitner Fellow(WU-Wien,ustria) Economics
Dr. Biresh Sahoo has more than 14 years of teaching and research experience in India and abroad. Has been a Visiting Professor in JNU, New Delhi. 

Biswa Swarup Misra
MA, PhD (Patna), CAIIB Economics 
Dr. Misra has been an Economist in the Reserve Bank of India prior to joining XIMB. Dr. Misra also had a stint as the Chief Economist of Bank of India. 

Latha Ravindran 
MA (Madras); MPhil, PhD (Coimbatore) Economics
Dr Latha Ravindran teaches core courses such as, Micro-economics and Macro-economics. A doctorate in Economics, she joined the Institute as a faculty member in 1988.

Prahlad Mishra
MA, PhD (Sambalpur) Economics & General Management
Dr Mishra is a Professor in Economics and General Management Area and teaches core courses in both the areas.

S.P. Das
MA, LLB (Sambalpur); DSW (Bangalore)
PhD (Utkal) Economics & Rural Management
Prof. S.P. Das as a faculty in Economics, teaches Economics, Business Law and courses in Rural Management.Apart from teaching he has been a recognized consultant to many corporate bodies in Rehabilitation & Resettlement along with CSR programme formulation and conducts training programmes in the area of CSR and Social Development. 

General Management

                            Fr. A.C. Jesurajan, SJ

Bibhu Prasan Patra 
MA (Utkal), MPhil (NEHU, Shillong) , PhD (IIT Kanpur) General Management
Dr Bibhu Prasan Patra is an Associate Professor in the Strategic Management Area.Currently he is teaching Business Ethics and International Business Ethics.


Ibha Kumar
MA (Kanpur), PhD (IIT Kanpur) General Management
Dr. Kumar teaches courses in Communication.She has more than 27 years of research and teaching experience.

Human Resource Management

E. M. Rao 
M.A. (S.W.), LLB, PhD (TISS) 
OB & Human Resource Management
Dr. E. M. Rao was with XLRI before joining XIMB. He was in industry as a Personnel and Industrial Relations Manager for over two decades. 

Thomas P.D., S.J.
M.Ed (Harvard) Human Resources Management
His specialisation is Human Resource Management under the aspects of Administration, Planning and Social Policy. Earlier he was Dean of XIM, Bhubaneswar, Director of XLRI, Jamshedpur and Director of XITE, Jamshedpur.

Andrew Dutta 
M.Com (Calcutta Univ.), 
MTP (IIMT), PhD (ICFAI Univ.) Visiting Research Scholar (Bentley University, Massachusetts, USA, 2004-05) 
Dr. Andrew Dutta is a rank holder and a Gold Medallist for academic excellence from the Calcutta University. 

S.S. Ganesh
MHRM, MPhil (M.K. University), PhD (Dharam Singh Desai University) OB & Human Resource Management
Dr. S.S. Ganesh teaches Employment Relations and Strategic Compensation Management courses in Human Resource Management area. He did his PhD in the area of executive performance appraisal and executive alienation.     

                            Fr. Tony Uvari, S.J.

Saveeta Mohanty
PhD (Utkal)  
OB & Human Resource Management
Prof. Saveeta Mohanty began her career at Wipro_Limited. Subsequently, she set up a unit for the manufacture of Hair Oils and Tooth Powders for Dabur India Limited and won the OASME Award for the Best Lady Entrepreneur of the State.

Snigdha Pattnaik
PhD (Utkal Univ.) 
Organisational Behaviour& HRM
Dr. Pattnaik teaches courses in Human Resource Management, Performance Management, Learning and Development, Organizational Change and Development, and conducts Personal Growth Laboratories

 Information Systems

Dipak Misra 
BSc. Engg. (UCE, Burla), ME (NIT, Rourkela) 
PhD (Utkal Univ.) Information Systems
Dr. Dipak Misra is Associate Professor in Information Systems Area. He has 15 years of industry experience and 14 years of Academic experience.

Gopal Krishna Nayak
BTech (IIT Kharagpur), PGDM (IIM Bangalore) , PhD (IIT Kharagpur) Information Systems
Dr. G K Nayak has been instrumental in the establishment of IT infrastructure in the XIMB campus.

Rahul Thakurta
B.E. (BESU), Fellow (IIM Calcutta) Information Systems  
Dr. Rahul Thakurta is a faculty in the Information Systems Area. In his dissertation, he investigated the nature of software requirements volatility, and explored the management techniques. He teaches courses pertaining to Information Systems (IS) and Operations Management disciplines.

Sanjay Mohapatra 
B.E. (NIT Rourkela), M.Tech (IIT Madras),  PGDM (XIMB), PhD (Utkal) Information Systems
Dr. Mohapatra has more than 27 years of combined industry and academic experience. He has worked in various capacities in organizations like Hindusthan Aeronautics Limited, Larsen & Toubro, Pricewater House Coopers, Infosys, Polaris, etc.

Umesh H Rao
MSEE (Oklahoma State Univ., Stillwater, USA), PhD (IIT Kharagpur) Information Systems
Professor Umesh is an Associate professor in the Information Systems area. He is currently pursuing PhD at IIT Kharagpur. He is a senior member of IEEE.


Krishna Das Gupta 
MBA, PhD (Utkal Univ.) Marketing
Prof. Krishna Das Gupta started her career in sales inpharmaceutical industry.This was followed by 4-year experience as a corporate trainer in the area of sales and marketing.     

M.N. Tripathi 
BSc: Engg (REC Rourkela), PGDM (IIM Ahmedabad) PhD (Utkal) Marketing
Prof. M.N. Tripathi has worked for more than 23 years in domestic and multinational companies.His experience has largely been in Sales and Marketing,with a brief stint in Logistics & Distribution.

Subhasis Ray 
BE, PGDBM (IIM-C) PhD (Osmania Univ.) Marketing & Strategy
Prof. Ray’s has worked for MNCs like Fosroc, Hilti & the TATA group of companies in the area of sales, marketing & strategy. 

Sandip Anand
MA (Psychology) (Univ. of Allahabad)
MPS, PhD (International Inst. for Population Sc.,Mumbai) Marketing 
Sandip Anand teaches subjects of Marketing. His research interests are in marketing cognition, and public-privatepartnerships. 

Operations Management

Arun Kumar Paul
B.Tech. (Hons), IIT Kharagpur,  Fellow XLRI, Jamshedpur 
Operations Management and Decision Sciences
He has over 25 years of industry experience in Integrated Steel Plant, in Process Consulting and in ETO Job shop with multidisciplinary engineering environment.

                           Dr. Bhabesh Sen

                           Dr. Manimay Ghosh

Sambit Mukherjee
BSc: Engg, MSc (Case Western Reserve Univ., USA)
PhD (University of Texas, USA) Operations Management & DecisionSciences
Prof. Mukherjee’s  was associated with IILM, New Delhi prior to joining XIMB. He has 10 years of experience in a software development & consulting organisation.

Subhajyoti Ray
M-Stat (ISI), Fellow (IIM-Ahmedabad) , Operations Management & Decision Sciences
Prior to joining XIMB, Prof Ray worked for nearly 6 years with the Reserve Bank of India. His experience has been in the area of Information systems and statistical analysis. 

W.S. William
BTech: Hons, MTech, PhD (IIT Kharagpur), Operations Management & Decision Sciences
He started his professional career with Engineers India Limited, and was involved in planning and monitoring of several mega projects. He has been awarded IBM Faculty Award in 2007 for initiating a course on Services Operations. He has also received the Dewang Mehta award for the “Best Teacher in Operations Management” in 2009.

Organisational Behaviour

Suchitra Pal
MA, MPhil (Utkal University) PhD (Norwegian Univ. of Sc. and Tech., Trondheim) Research Fellow (Centre for Occupational and Life stress, NUIG, Ireland) Organizational Behaviour and HRM
Dr Suchitra Pal has more than 9 years of teaching experience in Norway and Ireland and joined XIMB in 2011.

Dipak Kumar Bhattacharyya 
M.A. (Eco.), PGDPM, PG Diploma in Journalism, PhD (Calcutta)OrganisationalBehaviour& HRM
Dr. Bhattacharyya’s research areas are focused on HRM Practices in Organizations.He has contributed scholarly articles in leading Journals like; Indian Journal of Labour
Economics, Vision, Journal of Management Research, etc.he has also authored several books for Oxford, Pearson, PHI, etc

Fakir Mohan Sahoo 
MA (Utkal Univ.), PhD (Queens Univ., Canada) 
OrganisationalBehaviour& HRM

Dr. Sahoo is a Research Professor in the Organisational Behaviour & HRM Area and teaches Organisational Behaviour,Transformational Leadership, Dynamics of Personal Growth & Employees Counselling. 

                           Sasmit Patra

                           MBA, PhD (Allahabad) OrganisationalBehaviour& HRMDr. Patra teaches courses on organisational                                behaviour and human resource management. He has experience of working in academics and                                        industry. 

Rural Management & Development

Bishnu Prasad Mishra 
M.A (Eco), DSE, PhD (Utkal Univ.) CAIIB, Accounting & Finance and Rural Management
Dr. Bishnu Prasad Mishra started his professional career with State Bank of India, after graduating from the Delhi School of Economics, Delhi. 

C. Shambu Prasad 
B. Tech & MS (IIT, Madras), PhD (IIT Delhi), Rural Management & Development and Strategic Management
Dr Shambu Prasad was trained as an engineer before he broadened his research interests to work on the interface of science, technology and society studies (STS), and innovation and development studies.

Jeevan J Arakal 
PGDRM (XIMB), PhD (IIT- Bombay) Rural Management
Prof. Jeevan has worked with Pratham Gujarat Education Initiative as a programme leader in Banaskantha.

Kajri Misra
PhD (Cornell University, USA) Rural Management
Dr Latha Ravindran teaches core courses such as, Micro-economics and Macro-economics. A doctorate in Economics, she joined the Institute as a faculty member in 1988.

Niraj Kumar 
BSc: Agri& AH, MSc: Agri (GBPUAT), PhD (IVRI, Izatnagar) Rural Management 
Dr. Kumar teaches subjects related to Development    Communication, Strategic Extension, Agri-Business Management, and Community-based Approaches of Rural Management. 

Soosai Peppin
M.A. (Loyola College, Chennai) MPhil and PhD (JNU) Rural Management and OB&HR
Prof. Peppin is engaged in teaching Social Analysis and Development Alternatives, Organisation Behaviour (Group Behaviour), Organisation Change and Development, and Understanding Development Organisations.

Sudhanshu Shekhar Singh
MA (Sociology), PGDRD (XISS Ranchi), Dip. In Sustainable Mgmt. (Univ. of Birmingham), PhD (Ranchi) Rural Management
Prof Singh teaches courses such as DevelopmentAdministration, Project management, and Micro-level Planning. He is actively involved in several social action research projects sponsored by national and international agencies.

Strategic Management

Amar KJR Nayak
BE (NIT Rourkela), MBA (IIM-Bangalore) ,
PhD (IIT-Kharagpur), Research Fellow (Kobe University, Japan), NABARD Chair 
Strategic Management

Professor Nayak has been working on an action research to develop organizational and institutional designs for sustainable community systems.


Brajaraj Mohanty 
MCom (Utkal), Fellow (IIM-Ahmedabad) Strategic Management
Dr. Mohanty has over 35 years of teaching, research and consulting experience.A former faculty-member of