The Dual Tracks:

This is a dual-track Finance program.  The first year, which would be housed in XIMB (Xavier Institute of Management – Bhubaneswar), the School of Business Management of the Xavier University - Bhubaneswar (XUB) located at the Bhubaneswar City Campus of XUB, would be common for both the tracks and would cover core and advanced courses from Accounting & Finance areas as well as core courses from other areas.  At the end of the first year, those who are promoted to the second year (which requires satisfying the pre-specified promotion requirements) and also have an average/cumulative QPI (grade) of 5.5 in the four Fordham Foundation Transfer Courses Taught at XIMB (shown under Course Details), would be given the option to choose one of the two tracks.  The Standard Track, which would be open to all promoted students, would entail the students continuing their second year at XIMB, the successful completion of which would fetch them an MS (Finance) from XUB. The Fast Track would entail the students going to GBA (Graduate School of Business Administration) at Fordham University, New York, USA, taking an intensive 18 credits there in July-August, then returning to India, and submitting a PEER (Practical Experience Executive Report) to XIMB after six months of work experience; the successful completion of this track would fetch the student an MSGF (MS in Global Finance) from Fordham University and MBA (Finance) from XUB.  

Fordham B-School: The Graduate School of Business Administration (GBA) of Fordham University - ‘The’ Jesuit University in New York - is ranked among top-100 b-schools in US in 2014 by US News. Businessweek ranks Fordham’s GBA among best b-schools in 2012 and its Executive-MBA program and undergraduate program among top-50 in 2013 and 2014, respectively.  Most relevant, US News 2014 ranks its MBA program 22nd in Finance.

Program Structure:

The first year of the programs would be common for both tracks and would build a foundation on different areas of business-management with a lot of stress on accounting and finance. The second year of both the tracks would be devoted exclusively to mandatory accounting and finance electives; the number of electives varies across the two tracks. 

Duration: The Regular Track shall be of roughly two years’ (21 months’) duration, as is standard; it shall commence in the third week of June 2016 and end in the last week of March 2018 and would include a summer-internship during April-June 2017.  The Fast Track shall have course work from June 2016 to July/August 2017 only, with also a summer-internship as above, but would contain a seven to eight months’ PE (Practical Experience) component from August/September 2017 to March 2018.

Location and Accommodation:  All XIMB/XUB classes would be held at the XIMB campus.  It would be mandatory for the students to also stay in the in-campus accommodation provided at XIMB (in Bhubaneswar city).