Course Details

Fordham Track (Fast Track), Partially Taught at XIMB 

Fordham Foundation Transfer Courses Taught at XIMB, XUB 

FI13: Security Analysis & Portf Mgmt [Equivalent to GFGB 6007 Global Investments Principles]

FI24: International Finance [Equivalent to GFGB 6006 International Financial Management]

FI84: Financial Analysis with Modeling in Excel [Equivalent to GFGB 6005 Financial Modeling]

FI87: Financial Econometrics [Equivalent to GFGB 6008 Financial Econometrics]

Courses Taught at GBA, Fordham University 

GF 7002 Contemporary Issues in Global Finance

Explores current issues relevant to the global financial system, including international commercial and investment banking and international investments. It emphasizes the underlying conditions and fundamental trends in various sectors of international finance.  (Prerequisites: GF6001, GF6005.)

GF 7006 Global Risk Management

Covers market risk and volatility, calculation of VaR (Value at Risk), Monte Carlo Simulation, credit risk and use of credit derivatives, operational risk, counterparty risk, and other topics. Discusses risk regulations, including Basel II, recent developments in Basel III, and recent regulations on the banking industry in the U.S.   (Prerequisites: GF6001, GF6005.)

GF 7004 Global Portfolio Management

Provides a comprehensive overview of equity portfolio management in theory and practice. Examines portfolio objectives and links them to appropriate investment strategies. Covers pricing of equities, the asset-allocation decision, return enhancement/risk control techniques,

performance evaluation, and recent changes in international fund management. Analyzes international investment strategy and the relative merits of various approaches.  (Prerequisites: GF6001, GF6005.)

GF 7001 Global Financial Markets

Provides a comprehensive overview of global financial markets, the functions and goals of key financial institutions, and the roles of central banks and regulatory agencies. Covers international money markets, international equity markets, the foreign exchange market, forward markets for commodities and financial instruments, bond markets and derivative markets.  (Prerequisites: GF6001, GF6003.)

GF 7005 Global Corporate Governance

Examines how modern publicly traded corporations are governed in the global markets. Discusses the roles of the board of directors, corporate management, institutional investors, and other shareholders, and also the effects of the recent legislation and financial market developments on corporate governance. Provides international comparisons of corporate governance structures and issues arising in contests for corporate control.  (Prerequisites: GF6001, GF6004, GF6005.)

GF 7007 Capital Raising and Investing in Global Markets

Provides a comprehensive overview of the going-public decision.  Examines the strategies and process of corporate restructuring and investing activities, such as mergers and acquisitions, corporate diversification, spin-offs, carve-outs, asset sell-offs, tracking stock, exchange offers, and debt restructuring.  (Prerequisites: GF6001, GF6004.)

  Course Sequencing

Term-I  Term-II  Term-III
Jun-Sep Sep-Dec Dec-Mar
 Microeconomics Microeconomics Operations Management
 Statistics Operations Research Fin Analysis with Modeling in Excel
 Financial Institutions & Markets Financial Econometrics  A&F Electives
 Business Law and EnvironmentFM (IRV + CID) A&F Elective
 Financial Accounting Cost & Mgmt Accounting A&F Elective
 Communication Bus  Ethics and CSRA&F Elective
 Information Technology  Org Behv & Human Res Mgmt Marketing
 21 Credits  21 Credits  21 Credits
 7 Courses  7 Courses  7 Courses


 Jun-Sep  Sep-Dec  Dec-Mar
  A&F Electives  A&F Electives  A&F Electives
  A&F Electives  A&F Electives  A&F Electives
  A&F Electives  A&F Electives  A&F Electives
  A&F Electives  A&F Electives  A&F Electives
  A&F Electives  A&F Electives  A&F Electives
  A&F Electives  A&F Electives  A&F Electives
  A&F Electives  A&F Electives  A&F Electives
 21 Credits 21 Credits 21 Credits
  7 Courses  7 Courses  7 Courses

Tentative List of Electives
     Core Finance
  • Financial Accounting
  • Financial Statement Analysis
  • Cost & Management Accounting
  • Financial Management
  • Financial Analysis with Modeling in Excel
  • Business Environment and Corporate Law
  • International Finance
  • Financial Markets and Services
  • Financial Econometrics
  • Future Financial Landsdcape

     Debt Markets

  • Fixed Income Securities
  • Advanced Fixed Income Market
  • Market Microstructure
  • Interest-Rate Derivatives
  • Credit Derivatives
  • Credit Rating
  • Project Finance and Structured Financing
  • Securitization and Asset-Backed Financing

     Corporate Finance

  • Advanced Corporate Finance
  • Foreign-Exchange Risk Management
  • Risk Management
  • Working Capital Management
  • Advanced Taxation
  • Treasury Management
  • Enterprise Valuation
  • M&A and Corporate Control
  • CorporateGovernance
  • Strategic Accounting
  • Strategic Financial Management
  • Entrepreneurial Finance

     SFIPAS (Specialised Financial Products and Services)

     1. Banking Segment

  • Commercial Banking
  • Basel Norms and Risk Management
  • Asset-Liability Management in Banks

     2. Equity Segment

  • Security Analysis & Portfolio Management
  • Option, Futures, Swap

     3. Other Segments

  • Regulation of Financial Services
  • Rural Financial Institutions and Microfinance
  • Behaviorial and Experimental Finance
  • Investment Banking
  • Insurance
  • Real-Estate