In-Company Programmes 2011...

 Programme Organisations        
 Dates  Programme Coordinator
Developing Managerial Skills   Indian Farmers Fertilizer    Coorporative Ltd.,(IFFCO) 
  19th - 21st  December, 2011  Prof. D.K. Bhattacharya
Climate Change  LWSIT    15th - 17th  December, 2011  Mr. L.D. Swain    
Attitude Competency   GRIDCO   13th - 14th  December, 2011    Ms. Simi Mishra
Strategic MIS Skills for Bussiness Executives  IDCOL   12th - 13th  December, 2011  Prof. Dipak Mishra
Workshop on Training Need Assessment  OCTMP    7th December,2011  Fr. Sirinus & Mr. B.B. Das
Communication Skills for Managerial Success in
Scientific Organisation 
 DRDO   5th - 9th   December, 2011  Ms. Simi Mishra
Effective Communication and Presentation Skills    IFFCO, Paradeep   28th - 30th  Novemember, 2011  Ms. Simi Mishra
Development and team Development Competency    Navodaya Vidyalaya   21th - 26th  Novemember,2011   Ms. Simi Mishra
Finance Management in scientific Organisations  Deparment of Science &
 Technology( DST)
  21th - 26th  Novemember, 2011  Prof. S.K. Padhi/
 Prof. P.K. Mohanty
Cost Management   Beroe Consultancy   17th - 18th  Novemember, 2011  Prof. D.V. Ramana
Management Development Programme(5th Batch)   Axis Bank/ MNYL   17th - 19th  Novemember,2011   Prof. B. P. Mishra    
Management Development Programme(4th Batch)    Axis Bank/ MNYL   14th - 16th   Novemember, 2011  Prof. B. P. Mishra  
Management Development Programme( 3rd  Batch)  Axis Bank/ MNYL   10th - 12th   Novemember,2011   Prof. B. P. Mishra  
Management Development Programme( 2nd  Batch)  Axis Bank/ MNYL    7th - 9th  Novemember, 2011  Prof. B. P. Mishra  
Management Development Programme( 1st Batch)  Axis Bank/ MNYL    3rd - 5th  Novemember, 2011  Prof. B. P. Mishra
Cluster Development Methodology( 3rd batch)  Deptt. Of Industries    21th - 26th  Novemember, 2011  Prof. Rajeev Roy  
Cluster Development Methodology  Deptt. Of Industries   24th - 28th  October, 2011  Prof. Rajeev Roy  
Cluster Development Methodology    Deptt. Of Industries     17th - 21th  October, 2011  Prof. Rajeev Roy
Developing managerial and customer effectiveness  OTDC   28th - 29th  September, 2011  Prof. A. Dutta
Leadership and team  Development  RBI     19th - 23rd  September, 2011    Prof. Asit Mohanty
Foundation Course in Management  NTPC   12th - 24th  September, 2011    Ms. Simi Mishra
Communication and  Presentation Skills  IFFCO , Paradeep   7th  - 9th  September, 2011  Ms. Simi Mishra
Personality Development and Leadership   OCTMP   17th - 19th  August, 2011  Mr. Bipin B. Das
Executive Development  Programme  OFS       4th - 16th  July, 2011  Prof. Asit Mohanty &
 Prof. B.P. Mishra
Organisational Behaviour & Development of Leadership Quality  Geological Survey of India   4th - 9th  July, 2011  Prof. Mallika Nawal
Leadership and Team Management  U.S.Consulate   29th June, 2011  Fr. P.T. Joseph, S.J.
Convergence with CBDRR  DMP   27th June -  1st July, 2011  Mr. L.D. Swain
Vertical Interaction course on Leadership & Team building  BPR&D   13th - 18th  June, 2011  Ms. Simi Mishra
Supervisory Development  Programme  L & T   30th May -   4th June, 201  Prof. W.S. Williams
Methods & Techniques of Project Planning &  Management  DMP   14th - 16th  April, 2011  Mr. L.D. Swain
Collective Bargaining & Negotiation Skills   Coromandel International   14th - 16th  March, 2011    Prof. E. M Rao
Methods & Techniques of Project Planning &  Management    DMP   14th - 16th  February, 2011    Mr. Bipin B. Das
 Mr. L.D. Swain
Faculty Development Programme  GFATM   27th - 29th  January, 2011  Prof. S. Peppin
Executive Development Programme  OFS   10th - 22nd  January, 2011  Prof. A.R. Mohanty &
 Prof. B.P. Mishra    
Developing Managerial  Competencies  CIFA   5th - 7th  January, 2011    Prof. A. Dutta

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