In-Company Programmes 2009...




Programme Coordinator

Communication & Presentation Skills


 21st - 23rd Dec 09

Prof Niraj Kumar

Emotional Intelligence & Stress Management


 21st - 22nd Dec 09

Fr P T Joseph SJ

Rural marketing & Management Skills

India Post

 14th - 18th Dec 09

Prof Niraj Kumar

Personality Development NTPC & OPTCL
 11th -12th Dec 09 Fr Tony Uvary SJ &
Prof. Andrew Dutta

Community Mobilization & Institution Building


 7th - 9th Dec 09

Prof. Niraj Kumar

Rural Marketing & Management Skills

India Post

 23rd - 27th Nov 09

Prof. Niraj Kumar

Disaster Risk Riduction

Sponsered by Concern Worldwide

 23rd - 29th Nov 09

Prof S. Peppin

Communication & Presentation skills for Women Scientists

Department of science & Technology

16th - 21st Nov 09

Prof S.K.Bishwal

Rural Marketing & Management Skills

India Post

10th - 14th Nov 09

Prof Niraj Kumar

Managing change, motivation and transformational leadership


  9th - 11th Nov 09

Mr. L D Swain

Managerial Skills for the Effective Conflict Management


  4th Nov 09

Prof.Andrew Dutta

Modern Management Techniques


  26th - 29th Oct 09

Prof. Niraj Kumar

Managing Change ,Motivation & Transformational Leadership


  22nd - 25th Oct 09

MR. L.D.Swain

Rural Marketing and Management Skills

India Post

  20th - 24th Oct 09

Prof. Niraj Kumar

MDP for GETs  at Angul


 19th - 24th Oct 09

Prof. S.K.Bishwal

High Impact Monitoring & Evaluation Through Winning Environment for Development Organisations


 12th - 16th Oct 09

Mr.L.D.Swain & Prof Brajaraj Mohanty
High Impact Monitoring, Motivation & Developing Interpersonal Relationshp

Watershed Kalahandi

  9th - 13th Sep 09

Mr. L. D. Swain & Mr Bipin Das

Media Management & Documentation Skills


  2nd - 4th Sep

Prof Niraj Kumar

Supervisory Development Programme

L & T

  24th -29th Aug 09

Prof Santosh Ku Bishwal

Training Programme on ASPOs

India Post

  24th - 28th Aug 09

Prof Niraj Kumar

Training Programme on ASPOs

India Post

  17th - 21st Aug 09

Prof Niraj Kumar

Project Planning Management


  29th - 31st July 09

Mr Bipin Das

Training Programme on  ASPOs

Department of Post India
  22nd - 26th July 09

Prof. Niraj Kumar

TOT on Advanced Organic, Natural Farming & Sustainable Agriculture

XIMB & SARRA,Bangalore

  20th - 24th Jul 09

Mr. L.D. Swain

Training Programme for Officers of PPL

PPL Venue-Hotel Marrion

  10th - 11th Jul 09

Prof Santosh Kumar Bishwal

Training programme for IFS officers


   6th - 10th Jul 09

Prof Niraj Kumar

Training Programme on ASPOs

India Post

   29th Jun - 03 Jul 09

Prof Niraj Kumar

Trianing Programme for Placement Officers

Directorate of Technical Education and Training, Orissa

   25th - 27th Jun 09

Prof Niraj Kumar
Prof Saveeta Mohanty

Survey Methodology & Analysis


   17th - 20th Jun 09

Prof Rajeev Ray

Driving Innovation in Government


   4th - 5th Jun 09

Prof Rajeev Ray

Pro-poor,Pro-Development & Rights Related Legislation


   26th - 28th May 09


Training Programme on ASPOs

India Post

   25th - 30th May 09

Prof. Niraj Kumar

State Sponsored Social Security Scheme


   5th - 7th May 09


Placements in ITIs: Issues & Ways Forward

Directorate of Technical Education & Training, Orissa

   27th - 29th April 09

Prof. Saveeta Mohanty

Prof. Niraj Kumar

MDP on Finance for Non-finance Executives

Paradeep Phosphates Ltd.

  10th -11th April 09

Prof. P. k. Mohanty


GETs Nalco, Angul

  27th Mar- 2nd Apr

Prof. S. K. Bishwal

Conflict Management & Decision making

Jindal Steel Power Ltd, Barbil

  16th-17th March 09

Fr. George Joseph, SJ

Prof. Andrew Dutta

Organizational Behaviour for Managerial Effectiveness

Jindal Steel Power Ltd, Barbil

  4th-6th March 09

Prof. F. M. Sahoo

Prof. Andrew Dutta

Supervisory Development Programme for L&T Managers.

L & T

  23rd-28th Feb,2009

Prof. S.K. Bishwal

 Cluster Development Methodology

                                         Director's of Industries

  17th-19th Feb, 2009

Dr. Rajeev Roy

BPR, Benchmarking & ERP


  9th - 13th Feb, 2009

Prof. W.S. William

Building Leadership for Disaster Risk Reduction


  27th Jan-2nd Feb 09

Prof. S. Peppin

Leadership Development for Managerial Effectiveness & Macro Economics

Paradeep Phosphate Ltd., Bhubaneswar

  13th-14th Jan 09

Fr. Tony Uvary, SJ

Prof. Latha Ravindran

Prof. Andrew Dutta

Managerial Excellence

NALCO, Angul

  2nd-3rd Jan 09

Prof. S. Peppin

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