In-Company Programmes 2005...




Programme Coordinator

Orientation Programme


28th Dec. 2005 

Prof. S. P. Das

Team Building

Tata Teleservices

13th - 14th Dec.05

Prof. Snigdha Pattnaik &  Dr. S. Peppin


Balmer Lawrie Ltd.

18th Nov. 2006

Dr. M. Venkateshwarlu & Dr. D.P.Dash

Culture Development


3rd - 11th Nov.05

Prof. S. P. Das

Teamwork Competency

Tata Teleservices

27th - 29th Oct.05

Dr. M. G. Jomon

Livestock Sector Mgmt.


24th - 29th Oct.05

Dr. S. Peppin

Managerial Effectiveness

Sangam Health Care

19th - 20th Oct.05

Prof. M. N. Tripathi

Trag. Module on Marketing, Finance, Communication and Feedback

Coromondel Fertilizers Ltd.

20th - 23rd Oct. 05

Dr. Jomon and & Prof. Saveeta Mohanty

General Management Orientation

Tata Teleservices

7th - 8th Oct. 05

Dr. M. G. Jomon

Extension of Forestry Activities Ways to be Effective

Ministry of Environment and forest Govt. Of India

29th - 30th Sept.05

Prof. Niraj Kumar

Good Customer Service


27th Sept. 05

Prof. M. N. Tripahti

Organizing and Planning

Tata Teleservices

22nd - 23rd Sept.05

Prof. Saveeta Mohanty

Cluster Development Workshop


17th - 27th Aug.05

Prof. S. P. Das

Effective Leadership and Conflict Resolution for IFS Officers, Ministry of Environment and Forests

Ministry of Environment and Forests Gov. of India

18th - 22nd July 05

Prof. Niraj Kumar

Creativity and Problem Solving


19th July 2005

Prof. J. Mukherjee

Internal Customer Services


18th July 2005

Prof. M.N.Tripathi

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