Dr. Chow’s Global Natural Farming

A five day Developmental MDP on “Dr. Chow’s Global Natural Farming” has started on 7th February at Training Hall-3, Ground Floor, CENDERET.  

The programme is coordinated by Mr. LD Swain.

Dr. Rohini Reddy, Executive Director SARRA (South Asia Rural Reconstruction Association),  Bangalore who is the Deputy  chair ANGOC, Philippines and IIRR, Managing Trustee along with other SARRA team members from Tamilnadu, Utter Pradesh and Odisha as  domain experts are going to facilitate the sessions . Prof. Radhamohan, the former RTI Commissioner of Odisha and Founder of SAMBHAV will also be a session facilitator. The program has exposure to Odisha Govt. Open AIR ASHRAM and SAMBHAV as a part of it’s Curriculum. It will continue till February 11. 2012.