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Faculty Achievements:

Jeevan J Arakal (2010): A three member team consisting of  Prof. Jeevan J Arakal, Mr. V Joseph Satish & Mr. Nishant Kumar( RM 2009-11) has won the 2nd prize in the prestigious " Sitaram Rao Livelihoods India Case Study Competition 2010" organized by Access Development Services, New Delhi. Dedicated to Late Shri Sitaram Rao, mentor and guru of the Indian Microfinance and Livelihoods movement, who passed away in 2009, this competition is unique and attempts to document and disseminate innovative and motivating case studies and thus increase awareness and knowledge among the livelihoods practitioners, research organizations, academicians as well as students around new generation models in livelihoods. The 2010 case study competition is supported by Rabobank Foundation.

Singh, S.P. (2010): Research article titled "Ant System Embedded with Local Search for Solving Facility Layout Problem" in CCIS series of Lecture Notes in Computer Science by Springer-Verlag. [Details]

Sahoo, B. K. and Gstach, D. (2010) "Scale Economies in Indian Commercial Banking Sector: Evidence from DEA and Translog Estimates".International Journal of Information Systems and Social Change(Forthcoming).

Sahoo, B. K. and Acharya, D. (2010) "An Alternative Approach to Monetary Aggregation in DEA", European Journal of Operational Research (Elsevier Science), 204(3), 672-682.

Anand, S. (2010):  Research paper "G-Branding and Sustainability of Corporations", has been published in Brand Search, Macmillan Advanced Research Series.

Singh, S.P. (2010): Research article titled "Three-level AHP based approach for a multi-objective facility layout problem" has been accepted for publication in  International Journal of Production Research (Taylor and Francis, UK).

Rao, U. H.Mohapatra, S. (2009): Paper titled "Mobile technology for irrigation problems in rural India" has been published on IEEE ACM portal (IEEE ACM Proceeding Series; Vol.403)


Bala, P. K., Sural, S. and Banerjee, R. N. (2009): Paper titled "Association rule for purchase dependence in multi-item inventory", Production Planning & Control (Taylor & Francis)

Bala, P. K.: Paper titled  Data Mining for Retail Inventory Management, Advances in Electrical Engineering and Computational Science, LNEE Series (Springer)

Singh, S.P. (2009): Paper titled "Solving facility layout problem using modified genetic search based approach" has been accepted for publication in a referred conference proceedings of IICAI-2009 (one of the best conference in A.I.). Springer-verlag is publishing the conference proceeding.

Mohapatra, S. (2009): Paper titled 'Framework for HRIS implementation in non-IT sector' has been accepted for publication in Journal of Convergence in Information and Technology.

Mohapatra, S. (2009): Paper titled, 'Process Optimizing in Software Project Management' has been selected for publication in Internation Journal of Computer and Communication Technology .

Mishra, B. S. (2009): International co-authored paper titled, 'STOCK RETURNS-INFLATION RELATION IN INDIA, 1980-2004' has been published in the International journal titled,  'Applied Econometrics and International Development' Vol.9-1, January-June 2009 issue. The co-author is Prof. K.R.Shanmugam, Professor, Madras School of Economics.

Mishra, B. S. (2009): Paper titled, 'Performance of Primary Cooperatives in India- An Empirical Analysis' in the 'Indian Economic Journal' Vol.53, No.4

Ravindran, L. and Babita Mahapatra (2009) "Gender Issues in Displacement: A Study of Irrigation Projects in Southern Orissa", in "Beyond Relocation: The Imperative of Sustainable Resettlement" (Ed.) Dr. Renu Modi, SAGE India

Mohapatra, S. (2009). Book titled "Business Process Automation" has been published by Prentice Hall of India (PHI).

Mishra, B. S. (2009): "What Ails Primary Credit Cooperatives in India?: A State Level Analysis" published paper in the international journal, 'Comparative Economic Studies' published by Palgrave Macmillan, UK. [Details]

Prasad, C. S., & Sindhi, S. (2009): "Coping with Complexity: Mapping Sustainable Agriculture in Orissa using the RTD Framework", Published by XIMB, KICS and ILAC.

Prof. Sandip Anand's cover story article on 'Economic recession and Job Market' has appeared in Lakshya (A Dainik Bhaskar Magazine), Feb 2009 issue.

Joseph, P. T., & Mohapatra, S. (2009). "Management Information Systems in Knowledge Economy", published by Prentice Hall of India.

Anand, S"Communicating Care in Insulin Therapy". Dec 01, 2007; 9: 369-380. research paper is ranked 12 among The 50 Most-Frequently Read Articles in Journal of Health Management, Sage International. (Co author of the paper Dr. Anant Kumar).  For details click here

Bala, P. K. (2009). "A DATA MINING MODEL FOR INVESTIGATING THE IMPACT OF PROMOTION IN RETAILING", accepted for the proceedings of IEEE International Advanced Computing Conference, IACC-2009, March 6-7, 2009, Patiala.

Bala, P. K. (2009). "A TECHNIQUE FOR MINING NEGATIVE ASSOCIATION RULE", accepted for the proceedings of ACM International Conference, COMPUTE-2009, Jan. 9-10, 2009, Bangalore.

Joseph, P. T. (2008). :(co authored by Sr. Eva) "Enneagram Personality and Teaching Methodologies" published by Pravat Prakasan (in Hindi).

Bala, P. K. (2008). "EXPLORING VARIOUS FORMS OF PURCHASE DEPENDENCY IN RETAIL SALE", published in the proceedings of World Congress on Engineering & Computer Science, WCECS-2008, San Francisco.

Goswami,  P. , Mishra M.S.,(2009) (tentative), Would Indian Consumers Move from Kirana Stores to Organized Retailers When Shopping for Groceries?, Asia Pacific Journal of Marketing and Logistics, an Emerald Publication, Vol. 21, Issue 1.

Goswami, P. , & Mishra, M.S. (2009). Would Kiranas in Urban India Survive the Modern Trade Onslaught? Insight from Efficiency Perspective, (Accepted) 2009 Asia-Pacific Advances in Consumer Research Conference at Indian School of Business,

Goswami, P. (2009), Is the Urban Indian Consumer Ready for Environment-Friendly Apparel?, International Journal of Green Economics, an Inderscience Publication (Accepted)

Sahoo, B. K. and Tone, K. (2009), "Decomposing Capacity Utilization in Data Envelopment Analysis: An Application to Banks in India",European Journal of Operational Research (Elsevier Science), 195(2),575-594.

Sahoo, B. K. and Tone, K. (2009) "Radial and Non-radial Decompositions of Profit Change: With An Application to Indian Banking", European Journal of Operational Research (Elsevier Science),196(3), 1130-1146.

Sahoo, B. K.,Nakabayashi, K., and Tone, K. (2009), "Fair Allocation Based on Two Criteria: A DEA Game View of Add Them Up and Divide by Two", Journal of the Operations Research Society of Japan, 52(2),131-146.

Mohapatra, S. , & Roy, R. (2009). Impact of ICT on primary education , ICCT 2009 International Conference on Communication Technology.

Mohapatra, S. (2008). Book titled "Cases in Management Information Systems" has been published.

Goswami,P. (2008). Customer Satisfaction with Service Quality in the Life Insurance Industry in India, Life Insurance in India: Trends and Developments, Ed Alagiri D., Icfai University Press, pp 113-120.

Bala, P. K. (2008). Paper titled  " MINING ASSOCIATION RULES FOR SELECTIVE INVENTORY CONTROL", International Journal of Academy of Business & Economics, vol. 8, no. 2, 2008, pp. 75-85 on November. 

Bala, P. K. (2008).  Paper titled  " RETAIL INVENTORY MANAGEMENT WITH PURCHASE DEPENDENCIES ", International Journal of Engineering Letters, vol. 16, no. 4, pp. 545-549 on November. 

Bala, P. K. (2008).  Contributed one chapter titled "DATA MINING FOR RETAIL INVENTORY MANAGEMENT" in the book 'Advances in Electrical Engineering and Computational Science', LNEE Series, Springer Publication on November.

Singh, S. P.  (2008).  Paper titled "A review of various linearization of the QAP: a comparative study for assessing relative computational effort" published in the Review of Business Research, published by College of Business, Jackson State University, MS, USA, is now available online. [Details]

Bala, P. K. , &  Banerjee, S. (2008). "MULTI-ITEM INVENTORY MODELING WITH LEVEL AND PRICE DEPENDENCY", International Journal of Business Strategy, Vol. 8, No. 1, Page: 43-52.on november.

Bala, P. K. (2008). "A TECHNIQUE FOR MINING GENERALIZED QUANTITATIVE ASSOCIATION RULES FOR RETAIL INVENTORY MANAGEMENT", International Journal of Business Strategy, Vol. 8, No. 2, Page: 114-127 on October.

Mohapatra, S.Anand, S. , & Bala, P. K. (2008). A framework for technology enabled e-microfinancing, Conference on Information Science Technology and Management.

Mohapatra, S. (2008). MAXIMIZING PRODUCTIVITY BY CONTROLLING INFLUENCING FACTORS IN COMMERCIAL SOFTWARE DEVELOPMENT, Vol. 1 Issue. 3 of International Journal of Information and Communication Technology.

Mohapatra, S. (2008). Software Product Development Model For Achieving Business Goal - An Experience Based Report At J & B Software, IMI Disha

Mohapatra, S.Bala, P. K.,(2008). "ADVANCEMENT TOWARDS WORLD CLASS HEALTHCARE SYSTEM IN INDIA" - Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) & Health, Healthcare Conference.

NayakA. KJR. (2008). Book titled, "Multinationals in India: FDI and Complementation Strategy in a Developing Country", is published by Palgrave, U.K.  For details click here.

Mohapatra, S. (2008). Ginger Hotels: Use of IT in Budget Hotels in India , The Journal of American Academy of Business, Cambridge

Misra, B. S.  (2008). Contributed one chapter titled "Regional Rural Banks in India - Past, Present and Future" in the book 'Dynamics of Indian Banking - Views and Vistas' published by Atlantic Publishers, New Delhi, October 2008. Shri. P.K.Raut, DGM, Reserve Bank of India, an alumni of XIMB (EX-PGP(PT)) is the co-author of this book. 

Mukharjee, J. (2008). Research paper titled "Inflation-Growth Trade-Off:Evidence from Indian Economy" has received the Best paper Award in Economics at the Global Business Development Institute(GBDI) Tenth International Conference at Las Vegas,US from October 12-15,2008. The full paper has been published in the E-proceedings of GBDI Tenth International Conference and also has been shortlisted for publication in a refereed International Journal.

Singh, S. P. (2008).  "An Improved heuristic approach for multi-objective facility layout problem" research paper published in the International Journal of Production Research (Taylor & Francis, UK Publication), The paper has been co-authored by Dr. V. K. Singh of ISRO, INDIA on October 2008. Details 

Goswami, P. (2008). 'Is the Urban Indian Consumer Ready for Clothing with Eco-labels?', International Journal of Consumer Studies, a Wiley-Blackwell Publication, Vol. 32, Issue 5, September, pp 438�446 

Mishra, M.S., & Goswami, P. (2008). 'Perceptual Defense of HIV/AIDS
Advertisement: A Study on Youth of India'
, Working Paper presented as poster at the World Social Marketing Congress organized by National Social Marketing Centre, in partnership with the University of Lethbridge and the Chinese University of Hong Kong at Brighton and Hove City, England on September 29-30.

Anand,S. , Bala P.K. & Mohapatra, S(2008). Research paper entitled 'e-microfinance: A cognitive 'Just' rural brand model has appeared as a chapter in book 'Technology and Innovation in Marketing' (Ed: Gera, R.). Allied Publishers: New Delhi in September.

Anand,S. (2008). 'Rural Brand Preference Determinants in India.' research paper appeared in the proceedings of Conference on Marketing to Rural Customers-understanding and tapping the rural market potential .IIM Kozhikode. (Co author : Prof. Rajneesh Krishna)

Ramana, D.V. (2008). Congratulations to  for the novel initiative of publishing accounting e-book. For details please go to

Mukherjee,. (2008). "Indian Equity Market Since Liberalization: Efficiency, Volatility and Structural Break" [co-author: Dr. Basabi Bhattacharya, Professor of Applied Economics(Financial Economics) in the Department of Economics, Jadavpur University, Kolkata] which has been published by World View in collaboration with Department of Economics, Jadavpur University, Kolkata, in July.

Guha Deb ,S. (2008). "Persistence in Performance of Indian Equity Mutual Funds: An Empirical Investigation" research paper published in the IIMB Management Review Volume 20 No 2,The paper has been co-authored by Prof. Ashok Banerjee & Prof.B.B.Chakrabarti of IIM Calcutta, in June. 

NayakA. KJR. & Jomon, MG.(2008).  "India in the Emerging Global Order", book is published by Tata McGraw Press, April 21.  For details click here.

NayakA. KJR. , "Sustainable Sewage Water Management", book is published by Macmillan India.  For details click here

Roy, R. (2008). "ENTREPRENEURSHIP", book is published by Oxford University Press, April 9.  

Joseph, P. T. (2008). Awarded the Amity Academic Excellence Award by Amity International Business School (AIBS) during the International Business School Summit (INBUSH 2008) on 21st February, 2008 organised by the AIBS.  

Guha Deb ,S. (2008). "Performance of Indian Equity Mutual Funds vis-a-vis Their Style Benchmarks" research paper published in the ICFAI Journal of Applied Finance, Volume 14 No.1.

Roy, S., & Goswami, P.  (2007). "Psychographics and its Effects on Purchase Frequency: A Study of the College-goers of Kolkata, India", Decision, Journal of Indian Institute of Management Calcutta, January-June, Vol. 34, No. 1, pp 63-93

Goswami, P. (2007). "Exploring the Apparel Purchase Behavior of Urban Indian College-goers: A Qualitative Study", Management and Labour Studies, Journal of XLRI, Vol. 32, No. 1, February, pp 87-99.

Mohapatra, S.  (2007). "Reliable Iterative Testing Environment (RITE)" � a case of software development model, Vilakshan Sep �07.

Mohapatra, S.  (2001). "Supplier Chain management IT applications in e-business", eCOMO 2001.

Mohapatra, S. (2001). "Improving productivity through Metrics Analysis, 7. SOFTWARE METRICS", ASWEC 2001.

Mohapatra, S.  (2001). "Quantitative Project Management in Infosys" � An experience based report, 6. PSQT-PSTT 2001 East paper presentation.

Mohapatra, S. (2001). "Software Process Initiatives at Infosys", 5. The 15th Brazilian Symposium on Software Engineering, SBES 2001.

Mohapatra, S.  (2002). "Software Process Model for defect prediction", 4. METRICS 2002 8th International Symposium on Software Metrics

Mohapatra, S.  (2001). "Improving cost of quality through benchmarking exercise", International Workshop on Principles of Software Evolution, IWPSE 2001

Mohapatra, S. (2001). "Defect prevention through defect prediction" : A case study at Infosys Technologies Limited, 2. IECON�01 Special Session on Software Engineering, IEEE

Nayak, G. K. (2001). "Academic Information System", AIS