Rural Management

The faculty of XIMB and the professionals and field staff of CENDERET in the year 1995 came to the conclusion that there is a core problem relating to the lack of effectiveness in project implementation in social sector in India. It was found that most of the development agencies lacked managerial skills in implementing various projects. 

It was also felt that unless the young people moved with their development managerial skills to the rural areas, the country will continue to face unending problem of poverty. Keeping this in mind, XIMB started one year Post Graduate Diploma Program in Rural Management for the graduates and NGO members in 1995 which was upgraded to the two year PGDM (Rural Management) programme from 1999. The programme is currently running successfully and is approved by All India Council for Technical Education (AICTE). 

CENDERET and PGDM (Rural Management), both are important domains of XIMB and both are working for enhancing the development process in the state and bringing about qualitative change in the lives of rural poor. 

This convergence is a role model for other organizations and institutions in India to follow and is a pioneering step forward in the development of India.


  • Improved research and development capabilities
  • Enhanced training and capacity building expertise
  • Meaningful teaching and field experience sharing
  • Better documentation and wider dissemination of information
  • Relevance of field exposure with experience at grass root work
  • Powerful policy advocacy and better impact for intervention
  • Significant curriculum improvisation for present day social problems in rural management
  • Scientific basis and successful implementation of Field Lab
  • Enriched Consultancy Studies with improved synergy between intellectual
  • capital and field level implementation
  • Mutual growth and development of XIMB Faculty and CENDERET
  • Improved infrastructure facilities with common purpose of social development
  • Synergy for sharing and enriching existing human resource