Development Interventions

Two Regional Resource Centres of CENDERET namely Western Orissa Resource Centre [WORC] and Southern Orissa Resource Centre [SORC] have been providing meaningful development interventions in the most underdeveloped KBK region in Orissa. The development endeavor of CENDERET specifically in KBK region was started 10 years back in 1993-94 in terms of networking and capacity building of NGOs in the region. The development initiative in the region is geared-up particularly after the establishment of RRCs. 

Presently; the major thrusts of RRCs in KBK are developmental training, research, action research, and implementation of field projects. They have been successfully conducting various training programs for both GO and NGO functionaries. Further, RRCs conduct training programs on the request of different resource agencies like WORLP, MISSION SHAKTI, LWS, etc. Besides training, RRCs are successfully implementing action research projects on food security and Women Empowerment Through Self Help (WETSH) in eight KBK districts of western and southern Orissa. 

The Western Orissa Resource Centre [WORC] set-up by CENDERET in Bolangir, envisaged for itself a role prompted by failure of institutional mechanism in delivering services in qualitative terms to the target communities. Besides the deteriorating conditions of natural resources, coupled with failures of monsoon and socio-economic network, has triggered the poverty situation in most part of the region. WORC repositioned itself on the basis of evolving issues in the region and looking at its institutional networking strength.

South Orissa Resource Centre [SORC], like Western Orissa Resource Centre [WORC], is well positioned to handle institutional collaborative related projects in the undivided Koraput district. At present South Orissa Resource Centre [SORC] is implementing South Orissa Rural Livelihood project and Right to Information project, Capacity building of PRIs to facilitate execution of 73rd amendment in tribal region besides the project on Women Empowerment through Self Help. 

The KBK region has been long intervened by CENDERET through Capacity Building Projects such as empowering the local micro-organisations and PRIs in particular. The concrete contributions of Centre can be highlighted through the number of local leaders participating in the local governance and the line departments using various micro-planning documents in implementing key projects for the most marginalized sections in the KBK region.

  1. Sponsored Programmes
  2. Experience & Implementation
  3. Micro-Finance
  4. Food Security
  5. Women Empowerment Through Self Help Group (WETSH)
  6. Panchayati Raj
  7. Sustainable Initiatives for Development of People (SIDP)
  8. Promotion of Cooperatives