Core Engagement

Development Consultancy:

 Development & Management Consultancy  Services are  another set of key supports provided to Government and Non-Government Organizations in various areas of Management of Development Projects.

Studies and Research:

In order to enrich its understanding about the rural reality in Orissa, CENDERET conducts various studies pertaining to rural development with the financial assistance from various National and International agencies. The outcome of the studies help various Government & Non-Govt. agencies to address the needs & requirements of the needy people & Institutions in the State. 

�  On request

�  Felt Need Based, own Initiatives and project based

�  Consortium and bidding mode

Development Management Training:

To build the Professional Capacity of key individuals & organizations, CENDERET offers various development management training programmes for Government and Non-Government personnel involved in development work.  

�  Demand Based from Client Organisations

�  Implemented Project based needs and requirements 

Implementation of Development Projects:

Field level Interventions are undertaken to experiment with different development concepts & processes and their relevance in the development process. Such learning are shared through seminars & workshops with relevant development 

�  Need Based and localized Programmes Supported by Independent Overseas Donor Agencies

�  Collaborative Bi-lateral Agencies

�  Government, Corporations and semi-government authorities

�  Corporate/Public Sector and Private agencies 

Development Theme Areas/Focus: 

�  Institution Building with special reference to development organizations and collaborative arrangements

�  Capacity Development and Handholding (NRM, Project Planning and Management, Gender Development, SHGs, OD, Empowerment of PRIs

�  Livelihoods and Food Security

�  Promotion of Self-Help through SHOs

�  Women Development and Gender

�  Micro Enterprise Promotion

�  Disaster Risk Reduction and Management

�  Strategic Planning in Displacement and Rehabilitation

�  Tribal and Dalit Development

�  Policy Dissemination and Advocacy

Future Prospects:

� XIM-CENDERET to Continue to Facilitate and Lead Pro-poor Policies & Advocacy as a Centre

� Initiate Action Research based Studies for Good Governance leading to Equity and Social justice 

� Livelihoods Support Mechanism - Promote Approaches and Strategies for Strengthening Regional and Local institutions 

� Strategic Association with Bilateral Central-State sponsored Capacity Building  Programs 

� Deal with Governance issues - Facilitate Decentralization and Local Accountable Governance Methods and Processes 

� Promotion of people based Federal and Collective Structures - Producers and Marketing Cooperatives of Women/Poor and Marginalized 

� Develop State-CSO Based Collaborations in Disaster Risk Reduction & Livelihood promotion initiatives