Centre for Development Research & Training [CENDERET]
, XIMB, was set up in October 1988 as the rural and social development wing to highlight the issues in rural and deprived sections of the society. Through its involvement the centre tries to emphasise on improving the quality of life of the vulnerable & the most neglected in specific. The essence of such spirit to work with the vulnerable and the most marginalized communities originated through a social Commitment of the Orissa Jesuit Society. CENDERET-XIM pursued efforts accordingly to extend its collaborative hands to strengthen the joint efforts of the State and Central Government along with the CSOs to contribute to such objectives envisioned by the Institute. 

 During the last two decades or so, CENDERET could create learning and exchange platform at the eastern regional sector of the country to enable the knowledge of local level institutions to be transformed into practical and workable actions. With its mission, CENDERET regularly provided a state level platform for important stakeholders to come together for sharing and disseminating key information and build strategies to influence important policy level interventions at the state level. Through its existing developmental plans, programmes and approaches, XIM-CENDERET has made a humble impact on the development process in the state. It has also tried to add value to the much needed knowledge, attitude and skills of the development players through facilitation of the process of capacity building. The local and regional level CSOs could gain through our collaborative efforts leading to self-reliance in the rural areas of the state of Orissa. CENDERETs activities are implemented through its three Regional Resource Centres (RRCs) established in different regions of the state of Orissa (i.e. in Western, Southern, and Eastern zones) through an efficient Central Coordination Unit operating from XIMB Campus at  Bhubaneswar.